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"Fridolin Blumer has a deep sound and the awareness of which tone is required at which moment in order to make the music clear." - Beat Blaser

I am a bassplayer, improviser and interpreter and I play music between Jazz, Improvisation, New Music and Pop. 
As a solo artist, with the band Ensemble 5 and as a sideman I work internationaly, an extensive discography on labels such as Leo Records, Hat Hut, Unit Records or TCB documents this work. 

My music is inspired by every day life and I look for illiteral or musical answers to the questions: What are we and what depths of passion, feeling, perception and thinking can we reach? 
My goal is to play clearly, concretely and directly. Unintentionally and with unconditional sincerity to reality, to get closer to the point where the notes that are hidden behind concepts, ideologies, styles or common listener's expectations becomes audible.

To develope a a personal and new music/musical language I explore the musical tradition, current musical trends, groove/time, sound and and the related way of playing the bass. 
At the age of eight I began playing the cello and discovered chambermusical interplay, at 15 I switched to the double bass and to Jazz. From 2003 to 2008 I studied at the Musikhochschule Basel, Jazz department. Since 2008 I'm working as a stylistically independent freelance bassplayer. 

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