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To Be Released:

- Sophie Lüssi Quartet: Atlantic Puffin (Hat Hut Records, Juni 2024)
- Fridolin Blumer: Bass Solo
- The Virgil Moorefield Pocket Orchestra

As Leader / Co-Leader / Collaborative Projects:

Ensemble 5 + Christopher Dell
The Human Factor
Hat Hut Records, 2024 
Fridolin Blumer
September Solo 22 
bandcamp, 2022 
Fridolin Blumer
September Solo 21
bandcamp, 2021 
Ensemble 5 + Naoki Kita
Leo Records, 2020
Leonardi, Colonna, Bertoni, Blumer, Geisser
Leo Records, 2020
Fridolin Blumer
September Solo 20 
bandcamp, 2020
Ensemble 5
The collective mind, Vol 2
Leo Records, 2019
Ensemble 5
The collective mind
Leo Records, 2019
Fridolin Blumer
September Solo 19
bandcamp, 2019
Standard Edition
Volume 1 
bandcamp, 2018
Fridolin Blumer
September Solo 18
bandcamp, 2018
Ensemble 5
live- feauturing Elliott Levin 
Leo Records, 2017
Fridolin Blumer
September Solo 17
bandcamp, 2017
Fridolin Blumer
Camping; Café Bar 
Creative Source Recordings, 2016
Ensemble 5
The Summary of 4, vol. 2 
Leo Records, 2014
Ensemble 5
The Summary of 4 
Leo Records, 2014
Ensemble 5 Solstice
Leo Records, 2012

As Sideman:

Sonja Indin
And Then She Wrote - Poetry Goes Jazz 
TCB (The Montreux Jazz Label), 2023
The Sam Singers
Come Fly With Me  
self release, 2021
Naked Fuse (Renzo Spotti, Dave Gisler, Fridolin Blumer, Elmar Frey)
SpoMusic, 2020
Compassion (Renzo Spotti, Fridolin Blumer, Elmar Frey)
live at rost und gold 
SpoMusic, 2019
Don & Giovannis
Weihnachtsoratorium - Roadtrip nach Betlehem  
self release, 2019
Andy F
Morbus Google  
self release, 2018
Babak Nemati Quartet
Safar - Die Reise - The Journey  
Unit Records, 2018
Stefano Leonardi
L'Eterno (w/ Colonna, Bertoni, Blumer, Geisser) 
Leo Records, 2018
Michel Wyss
Descend and Smile  
self release, 2015
Zéphyr Combo
Face à l'orage 
Narrenschiff, 2015
The Sam Singers 
Sentimental Journey 
self release, 2014
Simon Wyrsch
Behind the Truth 
PanOut Records,2014   
Leonardi, Pastor, Blumer, Geisser
Conversations About Thomas Chapin  
Leo Records, 2014
Rudi Hayden
The King on the Jukebox  
self release, 2013
Zéphyr Combo
Comme Dieu en France  
Narrenschiff, 2013
Five on Fire
Poems Without Words  
Unit Records, 2013
Sophie Lüssi Quartett
Valse pour Ornette 
Creative Works Records, 2012
self release, 2012
Sonja Indin
Do You Know Me?  
Brambus Records, 2011
Ausflippi Records, 2009
rio aranjuno 
self release, 2009
Hilton Schilder
The Iconoclast live at the bird's eye  
AMP01, 2008